Jordan's World - Releasing Tomorrow! by Chris Jackson

Jordan's World Final.jpg

This is my first book cover, created for Christian sci-fi series Jordan’s World. Written by Allen Steadham and published by Ambassador International, the book follows Jordan after she’s been abducted and taken to the strange new world of Algoran.

Allen’s synopsis:

“Taken in by a friendly tribe of natives, Jordan tries her best to adapt to living on this strange planet called Algoran. Jordan becomes a respectable huntress, but she still longs for the life she once knew on Earth. 

When she learns the beings who took her may be on the other side of Algoran, she sets out for answers. Joined by three of her fellow hunters, Jordan crosses dangerous terrain, facing perilous creatures and people.

Will Jordan risk death for a chance to return to Earth?”

Jordan’s World releases tomorrow, July 1st! Order the book now on Amazon.

Angel of Fate - Accompanying Illustration by Chris Jackson


I had the opportunity to create an illustration for Chad Pettit’s Angel of Fate. The short story acts as a prologue to his spiritual warfare-themed Fate series and is available to read for free if you subscribe to his newsletter.

Chad’s synopsis:

“Hidden among the rooftops of a dark city, the archangel, Orac watches as a lone vehicle travels into the night. Armed with his fiery sword and orders to protect the driver of the vehicle at all costs, Orac takes flight. He seizes on the element of surprise to defeat the demon, Talnuc, but soon discovers that the demon is not alone.

When the archangel’s defenses are penetrated by the spirit of fear, he must rely on the help of a powerful watcher named Draven.

But, when an even greater and more sinister threat is revealed, drastic measures must be taken by Orac and Draven, and the remnant of the heavenly host must follow unprecedented orders for the sake of mankind’s future. As eternal forces collide, the journey of fate begins.”

The first book in his series, Fate of the Watchman, is available now on Amazon.